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Web Design and Development For Real People

I am a developer who specializes in website design and development for small businesses, musicians, non-profits and more. It is critical for your website to effectively promote your unique brand and to work seamlessly with your social media presence. I bring experience, pragmatism, an eye for design and knowledge of latest trends and best practices in the development world to work for you to ensure that your new website will meet the goals you define and help your business grow! Check out some samples of my work below and if you'd like to talk about your project please be in touch!


eutology home page

Elvon had done some initial work with WordPress but her chosen theme was not able to provide all of the functionality with the responsive look she wanted. I created a custom child theme and worked a lot of customizations resulting in a responsive website that prioritizes integration of the MailChimp newsletter service.

"Wendy is a fantastic software developer that not only has the knowledge and experience of building great web sites and applications, but also holds creativity and strategic vision that one can rarely find in a person. She has built my website that my clients absolutely love. Her knowledge of the latest trends in the tech world has been very educational for me and contributed greatly to the functionality of my website." ~Elvon Childs, CEO of Eutology

Elvon, Eutology’s founder needed a fast turnaround on her site because of pending speaking engagements and I was able to work with her to effectively meet her timeline goals.

I set up the site with a number of user-friendly tools that allow Elvon to keep her content fresh and gather information from clients.

Naomi home page

Naomi LaViolette is a beloved songwriter and pianist living in Portland. As with many musicians, she has learned a lot about maintaining her online presence over the years. However, recently with some exciting career advancements, she was looking for a few more professional touches to her online look and hoping to spend less time working on her website and more time working on her music.
I created a (customized) WordPress Child Theme which allows Naomi to keep her content extremely current for her fans. I integrated third party music and promotion apps including Garage Band, Reverb Nation and Youtube so that fans can easily stream and purchase her incredible music.
Stay tuned for more social media integration coming soon.

cathedral school site

"Wendy's flexibility and ability to overcome obstacles make her an absolute dream to work with. She is able to take a small idea and turn it into something functional and beautiful. Wendy works hard to make sure that our website works well and looks great on multiple devices. "
Mrs. Stephanie McCoy, Assistant Principal

I created a completely customized website from scratch using HTML, JavaScript, CSS and Node.js. Some of the website's unique features include a single page effect that handles a lot of content thoughtfully, integration of Google Calendar to allow busy parents to stay on top of the school's many events, a fully responsive site and photo gallery carousel on the home page that I built with JavaScript. The school has scene a jump in enrollment inquiries since the site went live thanks to the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) that I implemented.

Clarity Media Group Image

The Clarity Media Group website features a clean, responsive design.
I integrated a really effective contact form that cuts down on spam and has a beautiful, clean look. I also assembled Clarity's extensive portfolio of projects into a beautiful blog-like page including a semi-transparent side navigation bar. The site is built with HTML, CSS and JavaScript and hosted on Github.


These wedding industry professionals are a wonderful group of passionate and creative small business owners who have established a collective to reach out to couples getting married in the Yamhill Wine region. The group is under new management and the previous website was actually hacked so when I created this site, I made it a priority to establish great security measures.

These folks are busy running their businesses and they don't have tons of time to spend maintaining a website so I focused on creating a website that is easy to update but will look great even as is.

Hunt Lab UCSF image

For the Hunt Lab, I have implemented some tools such as a custom coded search box that allows visitors to search in a dictionary on the site.

Many search features one finds on websites will produce a Google search result--not limited to the information on the website where the search was instigated. Obviously this is often not ideal since you want your site visitors to STAY on your site, not leave it.


a Full Stack JavaScript Application

created by Wendy Goodwin and Natalie Ogle

jot home image

Many business scheduling apps exist but most are geared for large corporations. Small businesses, particularly sole proprietors have neither the budget nor the time to implement these robust systems. Jot is different because it does one thing and it does it well: offers an intuitive scheduling interface to allow clients and small businesses to easily make and keep track of appointments.

Piano Push Play Image

I love this microsite because of the incredible imagery. I enjoyed working with an impressive team including designers from Splash International and programming guru Al Zimmerman of Pragmatic Design Studio. The greatest challenge in realizing the design for this site was scaling images properly so that they don't take years to load and so that there are clean lines throughout the page in spite of the various image sizes.

Effesenden Music Home

Call me one of those scientists who uses herself as a patient . . . but I recently had the chance to create a fresh new look for my own music business website, Effesenden Music. One important thing I did with this site was migrate over nearly 10 years of Wordpress.com blog posts to my new site. I definitely didn't want to lose all of that information that I worked so hard to create before I knew how to code. This is a customized WordPress Child Theme. While the Full Stack JavaScript developer in me wanted to spend ages creating a from scratch web application that would make you a mean mocha while you peruse my music, I knew that WordPress offered the functionality that I needed. Sometimes it is really important NOT to reinvent the wheel. Still, I had a fun time integrating a lot of special touches into the site including thoughtful SEO and other bits of magic.